Hi there! I'm a software developer and designer based in the Los Angeles area who makes apps and video games. My current projects are an app called Tabular and an unannounced game at Chromatic Labs.





  • Swift

    I've been using Swift since it became publicly available. In addition to using it for smaller projects, Tabular is currently being updated to use Swift rather than Objective-C.

  • Objective-C

    I have more than four years of experience working on Tabular, a large Cocoa application for OS X and iOS that was originally written in Objective-C.

  • C#

    I've used C# with Unity while working on various game projects.

  • JavaScript / CoffeeScript
    I have extensive experience with front-end web development using JavaScript and CoffeeScript. I've also used CoffeeScript for game development with HTML5 canvas and server/tool development with node.js.
  • C
    Though I rarely use plain C, I have a significant amount of experience with it from using languages that extend C, like Objective-C and C++.
  • Ruby
    In addition to using Ruby for general scripting tasks, I have worked on numerous web projects using both Rails and Sinatra as a back-end.
  • ActionScript

    I've used ActionScript 3 to create several Flash games including Soul Tax.


  • iOS and Mac app development
    I've developed apps for Apple platforms professionally for more than four years, and am very passionate about developing for those platforms in particular.
  • UI / UX design
    I'm very interested in and passionate about interface and interaction design, and I have significant experience designing interfaces for desktop, mobile, and web apps/games.
  • Web development
    I have several years of professional web development experience, and have pursued web development as a hobby since middle school. I primarly focus on front-end development, but I also have some experience with back-end development.
  • Gameplay programming
    I have a strong interest in programming for video games, and have worked on numerous game projects both professionally and as a hobby.
  • Tool development

    I enjoy creating various tools and utilities to assist in development.

Frameworks and Technologies

  • Cocoa / Cocoa Touch

    I've developed several Mac and iOS apps of various sizes using native Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

  • Unity
    I'm currently working on several Unity-based game projects that are in their early stages.
  • git
    I use git and GitHub for all of my projects.
  • HTML5, CSS3
    I have a great deal of experience with modern web standards and technologies, including canvas, local storage, form validation, CSS3 transitions, animations and transforms, and so on.
  • jQuery
    I have used jQuery extensively throughout my time as a web developer.
  • node.js

    I have used node.js for several projects, including Squire.

  • AngularJS

    I have used AngularJS as the foundation of Shift, a large-scale social marketing platform.

  • Bootstrap
    I generally use Bootstrap as the foundation for my CSS in my web projects.
  • Ruby on Rails
    Much of my earlier web development experience is with Rails, though I tend to prefer node.js for most projects these days.
  • Sinatra
    I've used Sinatra to create a number of smaller web projects, like previous iterations of my portfolio website.
  • Jade, Stylus, HAML, SASS
    I have lots of experience with various alternative templating and styling languages. My current favorites are Jade and Stylus.
  • Flixel

    I have used Flixel to create several Flash games, including Soul Tax.


Developer & CEO
November 2012 – Present
Chromatic Labs — Los Angeles, CA

I started a software development business to create my own apps and video games. Our first release is Tabular.

Software Developer
August 2011 – November 2012
Shift — Santa Monica, CA

I worked at Shift (formerly GraphEffect) as a front-end web developer on Shift, a large-scale social marketing platform. We used CoffeeScript and AngularJS to create our front-end-centric web app. I also provided guidance to newer members of the team.

Web Developer
October 2010 – August 2011
Medaxis Corporation — Santa Monica, CA
I worked on a contractual basis as a front-end developer at Medaxis, using JavaScript to create a large-scale EHR web application used to keep medical records.
Gameplay Programming Intern
May 2010 – August 2010
Insomniac Games — Burbank, CA
I had a summer internship as a gameplay programmer at Insomniac Games working on the game Resistance 3 for PS3. I worked in C++ and LUA under the guidance of a senior developer to implement features primarily for the game's multiplayer mode.
Quality Assurance Tester
Summers 2008, 2009
Volt Technical Resources — Woodland Hills, CA

I worked as a QA tester at Neversoft Entertainment on the games Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero. Responsibilities included working with a team to identify and report problems with the games and verify implemented fixes.


B.S. in Computer Science
May 2011
Loyola Marymount University — Los Angeles, CA